COVID-19 Protocols

Your health and safety is important to me!

I, along with all the wonderful ladies you come across as you walk through the studio, have been diligent in learning the best ways we can protect our clients and ourselves as we enter this COVID-19 back-to-work phase in British Columbia.

We have participated in webinars and courses to increase our knowledge of cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing in order to comply with WorkSafeBC and Interior Health recommendations.

Please take comfort in knowing that we are all working together to keep our environment as risk-free as possible and we ask that you, our valued clients, join in our efforts.

Please review our 13-point COVID-19 protocol plan below and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Before You Arrive

1. Your appointments are important!

  • Our shared goal of permanently eliminating your unwanted hair is my priority. I am asking for patience and understanding while booking appointments over the next couple months as I strive to reschedule everyone.
  • We may not be able to have as frequent of appointments (or as long appointments) in the beginning phase of this restart.
  • Rest assured, you have not wasted any of your valuable time or money!
  • Unfortunately though, Spring often makes us feel like we are going backwards in this hair removal process…. and COVID-19 hasn’t help those feelings!

2. Each appointment has 15 minutes scheduled in-between them

  • This allows for time to disinfect the treatment room and all surfaces touched by myself and clients.
  • As for disinfection and sterilization of my implements (tools), that protocol has not changed, it is something that I practiced pre-COVID-19 and will continue to do so for the duration of my career!

3. Pack your own beverage

  • If you feel you may need a drink before, during or after your visit, please bring your own.

4. Please use your restroom at home

  • We are striving to reduce high traffic touch points and thus are limiting restroom use, so please only use the salon restroom when absolutely necessary.

5. Please come alone

  • Please do not bring any friends or family, including children with you to your appointment.
  • If you need an assistant care-giver, please notify me ahead of your appointment so that I am aware and ready.

When You Arrive

6. Arrive two minutes before your scheduled appointment time

  • As recommended by WorkSafeBC and Interior Health, we do not have a waiting room. Please wait outside until you are personally greeted by me.
  • It’s not exactly business as usual, but I am happy to see you and it will still be service with a smile through a mask and a plastic face shield!

7. Please read the sign that is posted on the door

  • We are not asking clients to sign a waiver because we know that we are in this together and are all doing our very best to get back to some form of normal.
  • We have posted the guidelines that WorkSafeBC has outlined for us and trust that, if these are followed by all, we will all succeed.

8. You will be required to answer the following questions upon entry

  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for or has symptoms relating to COVID-19?
  • Have you experienced any symptoms of cough, runny nose, sneezing, shortness of breath, fever, or chills in the past 14 days?
  • Have you traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?
  • If you answer yes to any of these questions, I would ask that you please reschedule.
  • If you answer yes upon your arrival for your appointment, I may have to refuse service.

9. You will be required to sanitize your hands as you walk into the salon

  • There will be a sanitizing dispenser directly at the door when you walk in.
  • There will also be one when you walk into my office and I will ask you use it upon entry and upon exit.

10. You will be required to wear a mask as you walk through the salon

  • If you do not have one or you forget yours, I can provide one for a fee.
  • Any face covering will work. I suggest a clean scarf if you do not have access to masks.

11. Maintain physical distance as you walk through the salon

  • Please maintain 6 feet of physical distance between yourself and others as you walk through the salon

During Your Appointment

12. In the Electrolysis room it will not be possible

  • To keep the 6 foot physical distance during your treatment.
  • For those having facial work, such as chin and upper lip, to wear a mask, so it is best that we do not talk during treatment on your face.
  • Please take comfort in knowing that all precautions are being taken with cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection, and sterilization.

13. I will accept all methods of payment

  • Cash, Cheque, eTransfer, and Credit Card.
  • If you choose to pay with a Credit Card, I will ask you to swipe your own card and I have removed the necessity for a signature.

Looking forward to seeing you!

I, and the staff at Raven Studio, are following all the same procedures and protocols that we are asking of you, our awesome clients, to comply with.

I am always happy to answer any other questions about our COVID-19 protocols, so please feel free to contact me.


Phone:  250-938-0927